First steps

Blogging about anxiety

As I begin this journey I am pondering these quotes –

“A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step”

and the title of this blog –

“We win or learn”.

Win or learn

The first quote speaks for its self.

The need to appreciate that knowledge and guidance will come to me as and when I need it. This can’t be rushed – rushing leads to frustration and ultimately slows you down. Whereas patience helps you get where you want to go without the added stress, pressure and anxiety we put on ourselves.

The second quote relates to changing your mindset to a constructive positive one. Too often in life we see things as win or lose. The job we didn’t get, the exam mark we didn’t like, the relationship that “failed”.

And on and on…

After events of “failure”, we very often view them in a different light. The job we didn’t get was one we didn’t want anyway. The exam mark didn’t taught us to work harder or smarter and the relationship ending was the best thing that happened.

So how does this relate to anxiety?


The first part is simple – rushing around leads to anxiety as we don’t live in the moment. Having patience is vital.

The second part relates to developing a mindset that sees the bright side, to find the positive in challenges of life.

It is hard to do, but possible with practice.

Taking action is the only way.[/read]