15 Surprising hidden benefits of audiobooks

As a book lover since learning to read I was reluctant to start with audiobooks and was surprised at the many hidden benefits of audiobooks. That’s how it worked for me and hopefully this list of positive benefits of audiobooks will inspire you to give them a try and you’ll see the benefits. To do this you can get a free book with Audible with a 30 day trial

Is it cheating?

Not a chance, you still need concentration, commitment and willingness to focus and learn.

This post will cover road rage, running, language learning, and much more…

Do you struggle to find the time to read your favourite books?

Are you too tired to read after the gym or a hard day at work?

Read on for some valuable tips to optimise your time while enjoying your favourite past time.


1. They eliminate ROAD RAGE!

This was a welcome and hidden benefit of audiobooks.

Now, I don’t want you to think I’m a mad man at the wheel because I’m not.

Audiobooks are a game changer on the commute to work.

If you’re like me getting up and out to work is not your favourite thing. Knowing I’ve got a great audiobook on the go helps make a boring journey into a pleasurable experience.

I’ve wished my commute was longer many of times. As strange as that may seem. The time on the way to work is a great time to catch up on a good book, sometimes it’s the only time you have in a the day to really enjoy your audiobook.

Don’t’ worry about losing concentration on the road as I always naturally focus on the road and not the book when I need to.

It’s actually good to have a short burst of a book , say 25 minutes and go to work then look forward to another 25 minutes on the way home.

On the drive to work I’ve felt inspired by a great audiobook and starts the day off in a positive way. It certainly beats the news.

2. Can help with injuries

This may seem a strange one but bare with me.

Yes, audiobooks are great with injuries. Having suffered with a neck injury, reading a physical book was painful. Especially after a day at work on a computer. Reading can sometimes hurt your neck when in bed or sitting down. Audiobooks don’t put any strain on your neck or back at all (obviously).

You listen in a way that suits you.

This is a really great benefit for someone who loves reading.

Most book lovers don’t want to not read and can make neck injuries worse by reading when in pain.

Also the weight of books can be a really pain if you carrying an injury, or even without an injury.

Audiobooks are as light as the phone in your pocket.

Audiobooks are vitally important for people with eye injuries or blindness. This goes without saying but it is vital for people who can’t read a book in the normal way. The variety of books available as audiobooks is great and means we can all enjoy and learn from the great selection.

Audiobooks help us in ways that are not so obvious, and once you start to see and hear the benefits you’ll wonder why you never started earlier.

3. Learning a language is a 1000 x better with an audiobook

You may think this is an exaggeration but the beauty of the audiobook is really apparent when learning a language. If you’ve ever tried to learn a language from a “normal” book you’ll understand.

What’s missing from a normal book?

The sound!

How can you learn a language when you can’t pronounce the words?

Books like * Paul Noble’s Learn Spanish with Paul Noble Complete Course  solve this problem by having you speak the language as you get through the book. He has both a Spanish native and a South American Spanish speaker to help you on the journey to learn Spanish.

This is great for getting the true pronunciation and gives you real confidence for when you actually try the language for real. Or for watching Narcos on Netflix!

Again this is a real benefit of audiobooks that can help improve you language learning.

4. Audiobooks are great for people with dyslexia

Audiobooks are great for people with dyslexia. They can help people by reading with their ears, and reading books that are a level above what they would normally read. Audiobooks can build vocabulary by becoming accustomed to new words which gives confidence to people with dyslexia.

It takes away the need to decode the page and can give the reader the chance to focus on the great stories in audiobooks.

Audiobooks are a great leveller and I think this is a really important hidden benefit to audiobooks.

5. Never be bored again

With audiobooks being on your phone is perfect for those unexpected times when we have spare time on our hands. Waiting for an appointment is no problem when you got the book downloaded on your phone.

Just don’t forget the headphones.

6. Audiobooks are relaxing and help you sleep

I admit that this benefit is not exclusive to audiobooks.

However and great audiobook with a great narrator really sets you up for a great night’s sleep.

Just set your timer so you don’t miss too much when you nod off!

In my experience you will find that depending on how tired you are , you will have to rewind the book the next day. But the beauty of audiobooks is that you can easily find you place and continue with the book.

7. A good audiobook can be like a play

The first audiobook I likened to a play was Zorba the Greek, one of my favourite books , and that’s coming from a person who doesn’t really like fiction. The book was narrated by George Guidall and adds so much to the book , giving you a really feel for the characters in a way that you just don’t get with a normal book. Check out * Zorba the Greek on Amazon.

Give it a try , a truly inspirational book, that if I’m honest I wish I come across earlier. A great suggestion from another favourite of mine Tim Ferriss.

8. We get a real sense of meaning from the authors point of view

This point is linked to number 7 as a great narrator can really put onto another level.

Examples include George Guidall for Zorba the Greek, * Derek Perkins for Sapiens, Stephen Fry for Mythos and Dylan Baker for Steve Jobs.

There’s many more but I believe you’ll be impressed with these examples.

A great narrator can take your audiobook to another level.

9. Paper books get wet in the bath!

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Another great hidden benefit of audiobooks is we can enjoy them in places we wouldn’t normally read a book.

Modern life can be ,rush , rush, rush, with little time to enjoy a good book. This is when audiobooks come into their own.

Your 30 – 40 minute bath can now be the ideal time to catch up on a great book.

You can just set it up on your phone and relax.

Or if you love a long shower you can set pair your phone to a bluetooth speaker and listen while you shower. The speaker I use is amazing check it out here the * Anker Soundcore 2

10. Read on the run

Another great way to make the most of your time out on a run either on the road or in the gym is listening to an audiobook. Again time is precious and being able to take in a good book while your getting the miles in can be really useful.

I have found that it can make you run that extra mile while listening to an exciting book as you want to get to the juicy part.

The same applies to weight training in the gym.

Admittedly it all depends on your mood as I’m happy to train with listening to music or a book. It’s something you can experiment with and is another great hidden benefit of audiobooks.

11. You can press rewind on an audiobook

One of the things you notice when you get into audiobooks is the tech is your friend.

You can forward and rewind. This is ideal if you lose track of the book , you can skip back 10 seconds or 20 , or whatever you want to set it to.

If your like me you’ll use this a lot!

You can also make notes if that’s your thing , great for languages and educational type books.

I find it good for learning meditation and entrepreneur  audiobooks.

12. They’re great for people who don’t listen to the radio

Some people just don’t like to listen to the radio and audiobooks are a great alternative.

So next time you’re in the kitchen instead of listening to the radio you can be inspired by a great audiobook. There’s a lot of negativity in the news these days and audiobooks can give you creativity, inspiration and knowledge. You can control what you hear and influences you in a positive way. This is another chance to catch up on reading when there’s little time.

13. Some people don’t like reading in the traditional way

Another great hidden benefit of audiobooks is the simple fact that some people just don’t like reading. That’s reading in the traditional way.

For some people reading has got a negative connotations and reminds them of school days and the strict lessons involving reading.  

Even years at university can put people off reading, especially law!

Although university opens your mind to learning, the idea of heavy reading can be off putting and audiobooks really help in this regard.

Not only that but sometimes we can have tired eyes, but still want to take in a great book.

14. Audiobooks can help manage tinnitus

For some audiobooks can be a great help to try and manage tinnitus. They can be used as a form of therapy which is helpful and can distract on different levels. –

  1. The simple fact that audio is being played.
  2. The engagement in the story can act as a distraction, rather than just a simple noise distraction.
  3. The relaxation benefits of audiobooks helps lower stress which can help to manage tinnitus.

This is not medical advice but something that may help tinnitus. Please speak to your doctor and see if it may help you. Also bluetooth speakers may be better than headphones in regard to tinnitus.

For more information –


15. Audiobooks help you get through more books

This is true for me and I’m sure that it will be true for many others. Some of the above points do have a similar theme and it’s the convenience of audiobooks that really give great value.

These days we can be rushed and hardly find the time to do something selfish, something that makes us feel better after a hard days work. Audiobooks help here because they are so practical and can fit around our busy lives.

Because of this practicality you can get through books at a quicker rate without feeling like you’re not taking it in.

You can say to yourself, I’ve got 30 minutes travel there and back going to work , so that’s 5 hours reading in the car. Some people would struggle to get through 5 hours of reading a traditional book, Obviously some people can read much more depending on circumstances.

In summary

Audiobooks have many hidden great benefits. Hopefully you will soon discover these great benefits.

This is not to criticise paper books. I have a great love of them, but at this time I’m really enjoying listening to audiobooks. There is a cross over in benefit with paper books and audio but there is unique benefits to audio versions.

Do you agree?

Have I missed any benefits out?

Please feel free to tell me your favourite benefits of audiobooks.

Thank you.


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