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A win or learn attitude to defeat anxiety

My blog aims to put together practical tactics to combat anxiety and to improve lives. If just one person gets benefit from my blog I will be happy.I strongly believe in none pharmaceutical ways to combat anxiety. Supplements, meditation and fitness training have greatly helped my anxiety. Viewing anxiety in a holistic way is the key to defeating anxiety. Knowledge is power in this area. However knowledge without action is useless.  Making a plan and sticking to it is vital to improve your circumstances.  Too many people suffer with anxiety but do not take positive action to alleviate their symptoms. Improving other areas of life is the way to lower anxiety.

For example becoming fitter lowers anxiety, improving diet lowers anxiety and simply removing caffeine from your diet also lowers anxiety.  The three simple ways to will improve your life and help lower anxiety. Also learning how our bodies respond to stress is vitally important. It is important to know that stress is normal and healthy but we must be mindful when stress goes beyond normal levels.